Starcraft Ƀitcoin Open

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back to topWhat is Ƀitcoin and why should you care?

  • Ƀitcoin is an open-source, peer-to-peer currency. Peer-to-peer means that no central authority issues new money or tracks transactions. These tasks are managed collectively by the network.
  • The truly decentralized nature of makes it perfect for an international audience; it is extremely low-cost and has real value. We don't particularly hate credit card companies, we just agree that charging you for using your money is an old and bad idea.

back to topWhy is it good for you?

  • Transaction fees are ludicrously low, so you earn more.
  • Instant payouts. Something eSports is sadly known for, is that player sometimes have to wait a little... time to change that too.
  • It allows you to earn real money by doing what you love: playing Starcraft 2.
  • You can use your graphics card to generate the currency. Remember SETI and Protein folding? Something similar to that.
  • Usage is anonymous, you don't have to share your personal details to add funds to your account or get paid.
  • Wider usage of the currency strengthens it.

back to topWhy is it good for Starcraft Ƀitcoin Open?

  • Zero-cost transactions makes running frequent tiny (monetary and otherwise) tournaments viable.
  • We don't have to worry about currency conversions - it saves us time and money.
  • Managing the currency costs (almost) nothing.
  • It allows us to earn real money which we can use to continue our eSports Research and Development.
  • Wider usage of the currency strengthens it.
  • Although not officially supported by Google (as in they do not accept payment in BTC yet), we are seeing some movement towards support for the currency, at least on the (20% free time) development side.

back to topI want to know more!

  • Visit for links to more information and to download the bitcoin client software
  • Sign up for the Starcraft Ƀitcoin Open!
  • Start mining! We'll add a mining guide in the near future.